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Custom screen printed apparel is our speciality.

Fine Southern Gentlemen is a company founded by expert screen printers. We view screen printing as an art, and strive to execute every print that goes through our shop with precision and care.

We do not have a price list. In order to give every customer the best, most accurate price possible, we generate a custom price quote for every order.

Your price will depend on four factors. They are:

  • The type of shirt(s) you want.
  • How many shirts you need.
  • How many colors are in your design(s).
  • The number of imprint locations.

Now, we’ll go into detail about each of these factors.

The Type of Shirt(s) You Want

The first step in ordering shirts is selecting the type of shirt that you would like to have printed. At the shop, we have shirt samples, catalogs, and color swatches for you to check out. You can view our online catalogs, as well. You can mix and match different shirt styles and colors in the same order. But keep in mind different shirts will have different prices. Also, your setup fees may vary, if we have to make changes to the art, in order to accommodate the various shirts you pick out.

And if there’s something that you want that you do not see in the catalog, just ask us about it. We might be able to get it for you.

How Many Shirts You Need

Our minimum order is 24 shirts. There are price breaks for orders of 50, 100, 250, 500, and 750 shirts.

How Many Colors Are In Your Design

In traditional screen printing, each color present in the design will count as a screen. Each screen costs $20 to set up, for your first order. If you ever re-order the design in the future, the cost will drop to $15 for each screen.

A one-color design will be less expensive than a two-color design. A two-color design will be less expensive than a three-color design, and so on.

Depending on your design, there may also be Art Charges added to your order. For more information on submitting art for printing, check out our Art Submission Guidelines.

The Number of Imprint Locations

Each side of the shirt that is printed will be a separate setup. A shirt with just a front print will be less expensive than a shirt with a front print and a back print. Same with sleeve prints and tag prints.

We hope that we have clarified some of the basics of ordering shirts from us. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the shop, come by for a visit, or shoot us an email at to ask a question. Thanks!